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Hi there! My name is Yang Liu.


FreeTymeKiyan is my usual ID. This ID seems to be a bit long. Actually there are two parts. The first part is FreeTyme, which is evolved from free time. I was inspired by a streetball player named “ShowTyme” when I was still in high school. Kiyan, the second part, is just a normal English name.


Right before the summer vacation of my sophermore year, I successfully entered Dian Group, the largest student software organization of my university, which has about 150 people normally at school and 500 teammates in total. Since then, I worked on Android App development for about two years. That’s how my coding journey starts.

I learned a lot about programming and other nerdy stuffs during those 2 years. Some of my early projects were also built at that time. Almost immediately, I give up playing games because I was able to build game apps myself, and there is way more achievement for me doing that.

After graduation, I went abroad for Master’s degree at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. I picked up Objective-C myself in my spare time because of the appealing iOS apps. Then I went on for summer internship at Modulus, a great startup of Node.js hosting. Another whole new world was brought to me by the wonderful senior engineers there, which entirely changed my way of coding.

To be continued…

Blog Content

I write mainly about coding and life.

I used to have a wordpress blog for about two years to keep track of my thoughts about technology and life, as well as the books I read, the music I love, and the movies I watch. During which, I felt the benifits and fun of blogging. Some of my articles reached even thousands of people. I know clearly in my heart, I love blogging, I want to share.

Shortly after I started my internship, I decided to have a much cooler blog to continue tracking all my thoughts. Now a new journey starts.

You’ll find that I write about pro-tips for coding, text editors, and great learning resources. Sometimes I will translate good tech posts into Chinese to help those who are not familiar with English. Also, there will be some article about my hobbies. Hobbies make a joyful life.


Reasons for why I blog are as followed:

  1. It makes me able to make more friends who share similar goals;
  2. Writing is for better thinking;
  3. Teaching is the best learning;
  4. Discussion is the best reflection;
  5. It encourages me to continue with my study and thoughts;
  6. Keep doing something persistently;
  7. A long-term valuable blog is a very good resume.


I’m willing to share my thoughts with you to help anyone who is encountered with the same problem. Also, it would be great if you can leave some comments and exchange your fantastic ideas with me. You may find me with those ways listed at the footer. There is also a fun mouseover effect on my head on the bottom left, enjoy it!